Rebooting the United Federation of Planets

I would like to thank Mike Calhoun and Dyllon McMahon for offering to host our efforts via their United Federation of Planets Second Life groups.  While I appreciate the offers and effort, both history and my other responsibilities kept getting in the way.  Originally, I was stuck on the group Calhoun owns because of the man who created it, Telek Lednev.  Lednev was the first to try something no one else could do prior to the summer of 2010, get a number of Trek groups on Second Life working together.  When Calhoun’s personal life pulled him away from Second Life, I decided to shift to McMahon’s group because he offered me co-ownership.  With co-ownership, I would not have to wait on anyone to make higher level group changes.

After seeing what the Wars groups had begun with a Galactic Senate at the science fiction convention in 2011, a number of Trek group leaders were encouraged to discuss starting up such a presence on Second Life.  I stepped in to the conversation and mentioned that the United Federation of Planets had been trying to get back up and running.  Many science fiction group leaders were interested and I began the pursuit of gauging further interest.  It is at this point that we will be disembarking from the groups owned by the aforementioned individuals to one owned by myself.  Feel free to drop the previous UFP group(s) that you are a member and join the new “United Federation of Planets -UFP-“.

We have expanded the UFP to accept alliances with the entire multi-verse of grids and massive multiplayer online (MMO) games, but it will be headquartered on Second Life.  This will include both grid-based groups and MMO-based fleets.  Players may join independent of any fleet or group.  Membership is free.

Each group is responsible for selecting their representation, elected or otherwise, to assign to the UFP.  The voting position is the Councilor.  Each group can have two non-voting diplomats to assist the Councilor.  Each group can also assign three security officers who report to the UFP Chief of Security to be used during UFP activities and events.  All groups get one vote on each issue and we do not have elected positions.

Thank you and ciao!

– Anthony Haslage (Ntanel Swordthain/StormBlade)