CBS & NBC Copyright Checks

CBS/Paramount and NBC/Universal perform annual copyright checks on Second Life. If you have any groups, islands or objects named after any related copyrighted entities, expect to either lose them or receive a cease and desist order.

Words to look out for:
– Property names such as “Battlestar” and “Star Trek”.
– Character names such as “James T. Kirk” and “Starbuck”.
– Location names such as “Caprica” and “U.S.S. Voyager”. (Exceptions for those formally used in the real world, such as the “U.S.S. Enterprise”.)
– Species names such as “Cylon” and “Klingon”.
– Object names such as a “Bat’leth” or a “Dabo Table”. (Exception for those of the common vernacular, such as “transporter” or “phaser”.)

How to protect yourself:
– Rename the items.
– Delete the items.
– Do not sell the items (If you are caught selling copyrighted materials, you can be in serious legal trouble.)
– Remove copyrighted imagery from the items.
– Alter the item to the point that inspiration is seen, but not blatantly copied. Pay tribute, not disrespect.

Keep in mind that if this happens, it is CBS/Paramount and NBC/Universal performing this check. CBS/Paramount and NBC/Universal have made the same fair use promise, but are obligated to perform a check of copyrights prior to major releases. This is apparently common practice for both them.

Is there a 100 percent guarantee that this check will occur? No. This is a warning to cover yourselves before it does happen.

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